Culinary arts examinations

Name Description Publisher
Certified Chef de Cuisine (CCC) Theory ExamThe Certified Chef de Cuisine (CCC) program is regarded as the highest level certification in Canada. A comprehensive theory exam is administered as part of the series of theory and practical examinations.Canadian Culinary Institute
ACFF eCulinary Institute Quizzes for Educational CreditThese monthly quizzes can be purchased and certificates for successful completion can be used as credit towards ACF initial or renewal certification.American Culinary Federation Foundations (ACFF) and Knowledge Delivery Systems
Certified Master Chef® (CMC®) ExaminationThis practical assessment is the pathway to the highest level of certification possible under the ACF framework. The assessment lasts for eight days and covers eight main sections. Between one and five judges rate performance on each section.American Culinary Federation
Chef ExamsChef Exams offers a range of practice exams including preparation materials for the Premium Chef Exam, and the Red Seal Final exam, among others. Weekly quizzes are available for purchase.Chef Exams
RCACC Culinary Arts & Food Science ExamTwo theoretical exams are offered - Certified Research Chefs (CRC) and Certified Culinary Scientists (CCS). CRC focuses on food science questions (90%) and is supplemented with questions concerning culinary arts knowledge (10%). The CCS exam is structured in the opposite way, with the focus on culinary arts questions.Research Chefs Association
Certified Culinary Professional (CCP) ExamThe CCP exam consists of 200 multiple-choice and closed response questions, plus two (or three) essay questions. In addition to demonstrated professional experience, the exam contributes towards CCP certification from the IACP.International Association of Culinary Professionals
ProChef® Certification ExamsThe ProChef® Certification Exams consist of written and practical components to assess knowledge of food science, occupational issues, culinary skills, interpersonal skills and financial skills. Each exam lasts four days.The Culinary Institute of America
Interprovincial Red Seal Examination - BakerThis Canadian interprovincial exam of 150 questions assesses knowledge and skills underlying occupational baking competencies.Industry Training Authority
Baking Practical Examination I (BAKE-151)BAKE-151 is a practical exam assessing the fundamentals of baking (savoury and sweet) where students are required to prepare three baked goods.The Culinary Institute of America

Aspiring chefs can find information about a range of culinary arts theory exams and practical exams on this page. Chef theory exams cover important topics such as nutrition, menu design, hygeine and the economics and logistics of running a commercial kitchen. Unsurprisingly, practical culinary arts exams focus on skills in the kitchen.