Test developer tools for data visualisation

Name Description Publisher
ADV KIHd SystemADV KIHd System is a cloud-based instruction/support/results tracking system designed to help educators, therapists and parents in special education contexts make evidence-based decisions. It features real-time graphing functionality for monitoring and reporting learning trends in conjunction with secondary behaviours and reinforcers. Users can also share data and dialogue through a virtual collaboration area.A Deeper View, LLC
StatSilkStatSilk is the producer of StatPlanet, and other impressive data visualisation tools. These tools aim to improve data visualisation to support evidence-based decision making in any field. StatSilk's software offerings make it possible to visually interact with thousands of openly available indicators and also to create interactive maps and charts for custom data sets. The software is available as browser-based or it can be run on a PC.StatSilk

Data visualisation tools facilitate communication of educational data in visual formats such as geographic maps. This can be more user-friendly than tables and traditional charts.

These tools also allow consumers of educational data to focus on exactly what they are interested in. Software for presenting data visually is particularly useful for displaying key trends arising from large-scale educational achievement studies, looking at educational output indicators as a function of geography and other educational inputs.