Educational games

Name Description Publisher
Math CoursesA large range of online mathematics games pitched at K12 and younger. e-Learning for Kids
Science CoursesFree online science games pitched at K12. e-Learning for Kids
Computer Skills CoursesFree online computer skills games pitched at K12. e-Learning for Kids
Carnival puzzlesCarnival puzzles elicit K-3 appropriate math problem solving skills through a range of themed story games. The games are audio narrated by characters to help students understand how to play them. Lessons dynamically adapt to incorrect approaches and answers.DreamBox Learning, Inc.
CarrotSticksCarrotSticks are online multiplayer games testing mathematics skills. The games are pitched at grades 1 through 5 with colourful and engaging graphics. Students can compete against peers from around the world. Students get to design their own avatar at the start of the game.CarrotSticks
MathleticsMathletics is a global, online mathematics community with leaderboards, live user stats and various competitions. Students (Mathletes) can access K12 level mathematics tasks spanning a range of topics and abilities, and compete against each other.3P Learning
Timez Attack3D adventure game assessing multiplication facts as a means for progressing through a number of engaging levels. Arcade-like gaming quality. Includes pre-test and post-test reports. Available online or as a download. Free base version available.Big Brainz, Inc
Cover Orange 2Cover Orange 2 is a game which encourages and rewards logic on the part of player. Suitable for young school children.Learn4Good Ltd
Maths Workout 2Maths Workout 2 is a timed arithmetic game. Different levels of difficulty are available. A highscores table is also featured.Learn4Good Ltd
Online Double Digits GameOnline Double Digits Game tests addition and subtraction skills. Suitable for young school children.Learn4Good Ltd
ESL Games WorldESL Games World offers printable card, PowerPoint and board games plus online ESL games spanning concepts in grammar, vocabulary and reading.Futonge N. Kisito
PrimaryGamesPrimaryGames provides free access to a huge range of educational games.PrimaryGames, Inc.
xmunchersxmunchers is a free online arithmetic game where students move their friendly character around the board and consume as many correct math facts as possible to advance to the next level.
BrainBashers™ GamesBrainBashers™ Games is a large range of interesting online games and puzzles. Some of the games are number or word-based puzzles and many appear to be reasoning-based.BrainBashers™
Little PassportsLittle Passports provides children with an Explorer kit of materials which includes maps, documents, souvenirs, audio, online games, activities and a travel suitcase. The game targets children from 5 to 10 years of age, and helps them learn about about a country's geography, history, culture, and language via an adventure game. Every month children receive a letter and additional materials about a new country.Little Passports
Arcademic Skill BuildersArcademic Skill Builders are free single-player and multiplayer educational games. A variety of content areas including mathematics, geography and language are covered.Arcademics, Inc. offers interactive games spanning numeracy, literacy and science activities. There are also some foreign languages games to choose
SouptoysSouptoys allows users to interact with a great range of on-screen toys in ways which simulate real physical environments. The Souptoys Toybox can be downloaded free and user-created playsets can be shared with other community members.Souptoys Pty Ltd
Evolver Pre-Algebra Single PlayerEvolver Pre-Algebra Single Player is an algebra-based game appropriate for middle school students.Tabula Digita, Inc
Dimenxian Algebra Single PlayerDimenxian Algebra Single Player is an algebra-based game appropriate for middle and high school students.Tabula Digita, Inc
DimensionU GamesDimensionU Games are 3D multiplayer games which assess a number of mathematics and literacy content areas appropriate for elementary, middle and high school students. These games can involve cooperation, collaboration and competition.Tabula Digita, Inc
Fun4theBrainFun4theBrain offers a huge range of games and contests covering a variety of topics with engaging graphics. The site also features quizzes and tests.Fun4TheBrain
ABCmouse.comOver 2,000 educational games and activities for Reading, Math, Science, Art, and more at Click Here!
SokikomSokikom offers online multiplayer and single player math games which are standards-aligned and suitable for elementary school students.Sokikom
EdheadsEdheads offers free online science, math, and critical thinking games. Activities are
Game GooGame Goo features free interactive games of basic literacy skills. The friendly graphics include lots of alien characters.Houghton Mifflin Company
Mysterious OperatorsThis free iPhone/iPad/iPod app requires players to insert the correct operators (+, -, ×, ÷) to complete algebraic equations. Available in English and French. Other mathematics games from this site cover Pythagoras' Theorem, linear graphing functions, factorisation, and more.Boss 'T' Maths
CoolmathCoolmath provides a range of online math games. Topics include arithmetic, algebra, geometry, puzzles and more. Education offers free interactive games and simulations based on a range of Nobel prize winning discoveries.Nobel Media AB
MathGoodies Fun Math Games for KidsMathGoodies offers a range of basic free Flash-based math games, each focusing on a particular mathematical concept.Mrs. Glosser's MathGoodies
Kidspot Learning GamesKidspot offers a range of printable game worksheets and related instructions covering reading, spelling, writing and mathematics.Kidspot
EduProfixEduProfix is designed as a car racing game supporting up to eight concurrent players. Several subject areas are available. Correct and incorrect answers impact the relative progress of the player in the race.EduProfix
K5 StarsK5 Stars is designed to help students develop their reading and mathematics skills through a suite of over 300 online educational games. To learn more Click Here!Sierra Vista Software
VmathLive®VmathLive® is a suite of Flash-based online mathematics games. Feedback is provided to students and point scores are presented on global leader boards.Voyager and 3P Learning
GlobalScholar GamesGlobalScholar offers free online educational games spanning arithmetic, typing, word search and scramble, geography and bingo.GlobalScholar - A personalized online 3D world for children aged 3-10! features a range of 3D virtual world learning games. A large range of math games are available, plus science and reading games. games are characterised by engaging graphics and interactive gameplay.JumpStart
Making Math More FunMaking Math More Fun offers free printable math games. Additional games and resources are available for
Math Pets!Math Pets! is a series of iPad mathematics games containing arithmetic content. Engaging gameplay and graphics. Also includes performance tracking and sharing features. JIAYI CHONG
QuizletQuizlet is a flash card and study games website. Users can make or find flashcards. There are over 5 million free sets of flashcards available covering a huge range of subjects.Quizlet LLC
MathRacerMath Racer is an is an iPhone/iPod/iPad app educational game focusing on mathematics arithmetic. Players can steer a car, boat, or plane to the correct answer and receive points and encouragement for succeeding.Ken Sredzienski
SpellingRacerSpellingRacer is an iPhone/iPod/iPad app educational game focusing on spelling. Players can steer a car, boat, or plane to the correct answer and receive points and encouragement for succeeding.Ken Sredzienski
eduXtive gamesFree Flash learning and assessment games covering an extensive range of learning areas and

Educational games are in many cases suitable for informal assessment. There are a number of benefits of educational gaming as an assessment activity, from both the student perspective and the teacher perspective. Firstly, educational games tend to be more engaging than traditional assessment tasks. This is despite many games containing identical content aligned with a particular K12 curriculum. Appealing graphics and increased interactivity are the main draw cards. The addition of global leaderboards is proving an attractive feature allowing students to see how they are performing against peers from schools all around the world. Secondly, the use of educational games allows for assessment to be implemented as an ongoing activity for monitoring learning and tracking development in given learning areas. This could potentially provide a more reliable picture of student proficiency and allow for more precise monitoring of skills development than error-prone snapshots from short, sporadic standardised tests. Thirdly, educational game developers are now provided with excellent and affordable software for authoring games. Several tools support multiplayer game development which invites both collaborative and competitive task development. This area is experiencing rapid growth as evidenced by the huge number of online educational games freely and commercially available on the web. Math games are particularly prominent and popular, with some great products already available. Browse this page and see for yourself.