Hardware, software and services to prevent test cheating and maintain exam security

Name Description Publisher
SofTest™SofTest™ is a solution for computer-based assessment delivery with several security features mainly designed to block access to external tools and websites. Used often in high-stakes testing contexts where test takers use lab computers or even their own laptops.ExamSoft Worldwide, Inc
Webassessor™Webassessor™ Online Secured Testing Technology is a comprehensive solution for secure web-based assessment design and delivery. Several technologies are leveraged to address the variety of relevant test security threats.Kryterion
Data ForensicsCaveon’s Data Forensics system uses statistical analyses of test-response data to identify patterns indicative of cheating. Data Forensics also examines the responses from within and across test administration sites to detect organised cheating events.Caveon Test Security
Caveon Web PatrolCaveon Web Patrol monitors the Internet for information and communications pertaining to client testing programs. This solution looks at "brain dump" sites and any other sources disclosing test content information.Caveon Test Security
Security AuditA Caveon Security Audit is a service which identifies strengths, weaknesses and threats to the security of testing programs.Caveon Test Security
Scrutiny!Scrutiny! is software for detecting excessively similar response patterns. More details to follow...Details to follow...
SCheckSCheck provides a statistical means for detecting cheating in the form of collusion on multiple choice assessment forms.George O. Wesolowsky, PhD
Prometrics Data ForensicsPrometric data forensics analyses items and test forms to identify testing irregularities. Data forensics uses item response and response time patterns to infer test taker behaviours which may constitute a security violation.Prometrics
ESS ServicesESS offers a range of test security services, including security audits, investigations, and data forensics.Examination Security Solutions, Inc
ProctorCamProctorCam is a remote exam proctoring service for use with devices which are online (broadband) and webcam-enabled.ProctorCam
Lertap 5!Lertap is an item and test analysis tool written in Microsoft Excel. Lertap contains functionality for detecting excessively similar response patterns between pairs of test takers. Free and commercial versions are available.Curtin University of Technology
Securexam® BrowserSecurexam® Browser delivers test content and prevents test takers from accessing programs external to the assessment. This prevents access to documents, communication tools, and the capacity to programmatically interfere with the test.Software Secure
Securexam® StudentSecurexam® Student allows a variety of assessment formats while disabling access to programs external to the test. This product integrates with the associated online testing platform, Planet SSI.Software Secure
WG Portable Cell Phone DetectorThese units are capable of detecting when cell phones are in use. They can be displayed in examination settings as a deterrent against text messaging and phone calls.Westminster International Ltd
Securexam® Remote ProctorSecurexam® Remote Proctor is a hardware device which provides control of computer settings, authenticates identity, and monitors the assessment scene via audio and video. Designed to enable secure, remote assessment.Software Secure
SecureTGSecureTG is a specific product from the suite of Test Generator's web-based testing solutions. It provides a secure browser function which locks down the testing event on each computer. Some of the preclusions include: Access to the Start button, screens taskbar, other applications, the Select Alt + Tab key, the Copy/Paste function, activating the Print Screen function, enabling the navigation keys, and exiting the secure browser screen. Test Generator

Mitigating cheating on tests and maintaining data security in high-stakes educational testing programs are critical aspects of assessment validity and credibility.

A number of researchers and companies are rising to meet educational assessment security challenges, providing products and services to combat threats arising from new technologies and increasingly organised information-sharing practices in test taker populations. It is commonly accepted that groups of test takers cheat on tests and will continue to learn how to cheat on tests. It is important to also note that security violations and cheating on exams and tests extends beyond test takers. For example, the proliferation of large-scale student assessments (standardized testing) in school systems has in some cases fostered malpractice on the part of teachers and school administrators. This is likely to be more prevalent where test scores are linked to teacher and school accountability or certain funding arrangements. Cheating on tests extends well beyond schools into the realm of higher education assessment, licensure examinations and accrediation examinations too. It is perhaps reasonable to argue that wherever there is high-stakes testing, there is always the possibility that stakeholders will be motivated to cheat. Search the impressive range of solutions in assessmentfocus.com today.