ICT certification exams

Name Description Publisher
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)The MCTS assesses knowledge and skills of features and functionality of specific Microsoft technologies. A range of task types are used.Microsoft
CompTIA A+CompTIA A+ exams lead to certification of IT support skills. The CompTIA certifications are widely recognised for their international and vendor-independent focus.CompTIA, Inc.
IBM Professional Certification testsIBM offers a number of professional certification exams assessing proficiencies in numerous software, hardware and solutions topics.IBM
IKM TeckChek™The IKM TeckChek™ assessment series tests proficiency on a huge range of programming languages and technologies. The tests are adaptively driven by IKM’s Adaptive Methodology and the task interface simulates actual development environments.IKM
Microsoft© Certified Professional ExamsMicrosoft© produces adaptive and linear tests to assess a variety of IT skills related to Microsoft© solutions.Microsoft
TMap NEXT® Foundation The TMap NEXT® Foundation test assesses software engineers covering the specification and execution of software and systems testing.EXIN
TSHOOTPart of the Cisco Certified Network Professional CCNP® Certification, this computer-based exam assesses troubleshooting of routing and switching topologies. Online sample tasks are available.Cisco Systems Inc.

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