ICT literacy assessments

Name Description Publisher
ATC21S ICT literacy — learning in digital networksThe ATC21S study will assess learning in digital networks from 2011.ATC21S
Computer Skills Assessment (CSA)The CSA is available to NSW DET teachers. It targets K-6 ICT skills such as information seeking, retrieval, production, communication and evaluation skills. It is a LAN based system (CSALAN) which embeds auto-scoring and reporting.NSW Department of Education and Training
Computer Skills CoursesFree online computer skills games pitched at K12. e-Learning for Kids
Project SAILS (Standardized Assessment of Information Literacy Skills)SAILS is a multiple-choice questions assessment of information literacy skills covering search, evaluation and documentation of information sources.Kent State University
Right2Learn Online Assessment for LearningRight2Learn have produced an online assessment platform for 5 through 11 year olds spanning mathematics, literacy, ICT and science. Assessments are automatically scored and a variety of progress measures and gap analysis measures are reported. Competitions are also offered.Right2Learn
SimpleAssessment PLUSNow with performance based questions, SimpleAssessment PLUS features interactive performance based tasks. Task utilise popular online applications in a controlled environment for students.InfoSource, Inc
SimpleAssessment PLUS (Teacher Edition)Designed for classroom educators, SimpleAssessment PLUS (Teacher Edition) assesses proficiency in the use of popular technological tools in a controlled environment.InfoSource, Inc
Skill21Skill21 offers online interactive assessment items which simulate tech literacy situations. Aligned to ISTE standards. Progress reports with identification of strengths and weaknesses are another feature.edtech systems
SmarterMeasure Learning Readiness IndicatorSmarterMeasure is a diagnostic tool for assessing a range of skills and traits required for online learning or participation in technology-rich courses. There is a higher education version and a secondary education version.SmarterServices, LLC
Tech Skills Student AssessmentAtomic Learning’s Tech Skills Student Assessment helps you gauge technology skill levels, demonstrating that skills can actually be applied. Atomic Learning
TechLiteracy AssessmentThe TechLiteracy Assessment tests skills across seven key ICT Literacy areas. The assessment is targeted at grades 3 through 8. Reports are provided to guide instruction. Learning.com

The importance of ICT literacy skills continues to grow as more aspects of learning and living take place in technology-rich environments. Equipping students with the skills to utilise technology in a responsible manner for innovation, collaboration, research, problem solving and taking ownership of their learning is seen as an important goal in contemporary education systems. This is perhaps reflected in the acceptance and prioritistaion of the ISTE standards for students, teachers and administrators in the United States, and similar statements of ICT literacy learning outcomes elsewhere.