K12 mathematics assessments

Name Description Publisher
Assessment Test (Math)The Assessment Test series features over 40 questions per grade level. Instructional resources are recommended based on incorrect answers.MIND sprinting® LLC
A+ ClickA free resource of practice questions spanning several mathematics grade levels and content strands.A+ Click
Algebra Linear Equations QuizPrintable linear equations quiz excerpted from Algebra Demystified: A Self-Teaching Guide. Copyright © 2003 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.Education.com
Assessment for Learning tasks - mathematicsPrintable classroom-based mathematics tasks. A matrix showing content and target age is provided as a reference. Education Services Australia
Adaptive Curriculum MathAC Math is a curriculum and assessment system providing students with interactive Activity Objects. Targeted at K6-12, the system provides feedback and tracking functionality. Sebit LLC
Math K12 Placement TestsThese tests target ages 5 through 12+ and cover K12 mathematics topics up to the level of pre-algebra. A total of 16 assessments and answer keys are available. These tests are designed to provide a K12 placement recommendation.K12 inc.
ARC Online Testing System (ARCOTS) NumeracyARCOTS Numeracy tests span several grade levels and are all linked to a common developmental scale. The online assessment is linked to a criterion-referenced reporting module that can directly support targeted instructional programs.University of Melbourne
YacapacaYacapaca is a free online platform offering shared and peer-rated teacher-created assessment activities across a range of subjects matched to a variety of national curricula and grade levels.Chalkface Project
Assessment Resource Bank - MathematicsA huge resource of assessment tasks designed for New Zealand school students.NZCER
AAA MathAAA Math offers free lessons and practice tasks by grade level and by mathematical topic. Grades span from K-8 and there are over 25 topic headings.J. Banfill
NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) - MathematicsComputer-adaptive test of mathematics which is aligned to state and national standards and curriculum content.Northwest Evaluation Association
Quia WebQuia Web is an online platform offering shared assessment activities across a range of subjects matched to a variety of national curricula and grade levels.IXL Learning
ThatQuizThatQuiz provides teachers with a free online testing system for authoring and delivering items and tests. A public library of tests is also available spanning several mathematics topics including integers, fractions, concepts and geometry. Teachers can create and share their test resources. Student scores and grades are also stored for each teacher account.thatquiz
Math CoursesA large range of online mathematics games pitched at K12 and younger. e-Learning for Kids
BBC Skillswise - NumbersBBC Skillswise offers a range of free online mathematics quizzes which span several content areas.BBC
Free Math TestA huge number of free online or printable mathematics exercises with closed-response questions. Various topics and difficulty levels are available.Free Math Test
Math Diagnostic TestA diagnostic test usually administered to students who are between 10 and 13 years of age.PedagoNet
Super Teacher WorksheetsSuper Teacher Worksheets offers a massive range of printable worksheets spanning core K12 mathematics topics.Super Teacher Worksheets
Right2Learn Online Assessment for LearningRight2Learn have produced an online assessment platform for 5 through 11 year olds spanning mathematics, literacy, ICT and science. Assessments are automatically scored and a variety of progress measures and gap analysis measures are reported. Competitions are also offered.Right2Learn
myTestBook.commyTestBook.com offers free printable worksheets and automatically scored online tests based on NCTM standards. Tests are targeted from 1st grade through 8th grade. Classroom accounts are available for teachers wanting to register classes.myTestBook.com
DiagnoserDiagnoser is an online formative assessment program geared at providing information about thinking skills for the purpose of informing instruction in mathematics and science. The content may be appropriate for middle through high school students. Reports describing student thinking behaviour are produced for students and teachers.FACET Innovations
Carnival puzzlesCarnival puzzles elicit K-3 appropriate math problem solving skills through a range of themed story games. The games are audio narrated by characters to help students understand how to play them. Lessons dynamically adapt to incorrect approaches and answers.DreamBox Learning, Inc.
BigIQkids.com Math FactsBigIQkids makes it possible to construct custom interactive, animated, online homework activities. Free and premium options are available.BigIQkids
Spelling Program
National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN)NAPLAN is an annual Australian assessment for students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. NAPLAN assesses reading, writing, spelling, grammar, punctuation and numeracy.Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA)
Performance SeriesThe Performance Series from Scantron is a computer-adaptive testing system which is matched to US state standards. Among other learning areas, there is a Mathematics assessment. It is designed to provide diagnostic information about student proficiencies and instructional needs in an efficient manner.Scantron
Performance SeriesThe GlobalScholar Performance Series is a suite of computer-adaptive tests for measuring and tracking progress in domains of mathematics, literacy and sciences. Results are reported with learning objectives for informing teachers about possible next steps for each student.GlobalScholar
CarrotSticksCarrotSticks are online multiplayer games testing mathematics skills. The games are pitched at grades 1 through 5 with colourful and engaging graphics. Students can compete against peers from around the world. Students get to design their own avatar at the start of the game.CarrotSticks
TestPrepFUN - mathOnline assessment activities with scoreboards and prizes.Big Fun Productions, LLC
Math-Tests.comMath-Tests.com provides free online mathematics tests covering topics including pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, probability and others. Tests are timed and target 1st through 8th grade, and GED and SAT.Doina Popovici
EduGain (formerly ExamHelp)EduGain (formerly ExamHelp) provides a large number of online mathematics tests spanning many topics. Grades 4, 5, 6 and 7 are the main target years. Weekly contests and practice for CBSE, ICSE and Maths Olympiad are also featured.EduGain
MathPickleMathPickle provides free access to K-12 math games, puzzles and competitions for classroom use. Activities are organised by grade level and a range of great demonstration videos are available on the site. Problem-solving skills are heavily emphasised. Dr. Gordon Hamilton
MathleticsMathletics is a global, online mathematics community with leaderboards, live user stats and various competitions. Students (Mathletes) can access K12 level mathematics tasks spanning a range of topics and abilities, and compete against each other.3P Learning
Timez Attack3D adventure game assessing multiplication facts as a means for progressing through a number of engaging levels. Arcade-like gaming quality. Includes pre-test and post-test reports. Available online or as a download. Free base version available.Big Brainz, Inc
EAA Practice ExamsOnline practice exams. Educational Assessment Australia -UNSW
Math Worksheets LandThis comprehensive site offers thousands of free worksheets aligned to the Common Core Curriculum. Worksheets can be found by topic and grade level.MathWorksheetsLand.com
Online Multiple Choice - General MathematicsFree resource allowing students to take tests made up of questions from previous examinations.Board of Studies NSW
StudyLadder Mathematics ActivitiesStudyLadder provides a vast range of mathematics assessment activities and games. Includes interactive online materials and prinatble worksheets. The system is designed by teachers and covers a comprehensive curriculum.Study Ladder Pty Ltd
Math On LineMath On Line provides free multiple-choice mathematics assessments spanning a range of topics.D. Kell and Mercer County Community College
xmunchersxmunchers is a free online arithmetic game where students move their friendly character around the board and consume as many correct math facts as possible to advance to the next level.http://www.software-giant.com
Khan Academy ExercisesThe freely available Khan Academy mathematics online exercises concurrently provide hints and video support. A range of topics are included, from basic arithmetic through to calculus. Various performance data visualistaion tools are also available.Khan Academy
XtraMathXtraMath is a free web based math program designed to help students master basic arithmetic facts. Detailed progress reports are produced to illustrate mastery and activity patterns. Progress reports are also emailed to parents and teachers on a weekly basis.XtraMath
Math Software Online: MathScore.comMathScore® provides students with tools for practicing skills across about a hundred mathematics topics from basic arithmetic through to more challenging algebra. Strengths and weaknesses reported following assessment. Linked to NCTM Focal Points and state standards. Safari web browser friendly.Accurate Learning Systems Corp.
MathGoodies Math WorksheetsMathGoodies provides a range of printable worksheets spanning several mathematics topics and difficulty levels. Many are free while others are available for purchase on CD.Mrs. Glosser's MathGoodies
Maths BuddyMaths Buddy includes hundreds of animated lessons and over tens of thousands of interactive test items to assess mastery of mathematical concepts. It is targeted at K-6 grade levels and aligned with the Australian curriculum.MathsBuddy.com.au
Math Worksheets CenterThe Math Worksheets Center offers thousands of of math lessons, worksheets and answer sheets organised by grade level and topic/skill. Some free worksheets are available via email. Members get access to the full range of resources for a small annual fee.Math Worksheets Center
smeebu multi-level assessment series ASmeebu Multi-level Assessment Series A consists of seven online numeracy tests. Access to the tests is free. The tests increase in difficulty but scores are reported on a common scale to allow achievement comparisons across tests. Students can take the tests which are best matched to their abilities.smeebu
http://www.quizzes.cchttp://www.quizzes.cc/ provides mathematics quizzes for teachers and students. You can create a quiz and select the number ranges you'd like to use. Students can grade the quiz online and generate new problems for more practice.Quizzes.cc
TenMarksTenMarks provides online mathematics assessment activities covering a range of grade levels and curriculum areas. Students can access hints and video lessons as they work through the exercises. Weekly reports, rewards and certificates are also components of the system.TenMarks Education Inc.
Internet Math Program
Castle Learning OnlineCastle Learning Online provides access to a vast bank of questions spanning mathematics, science, social studies, English and other languages. The package comes with teacher and administrator resources for customising assessments and for reporting among other features. Castle Software, Inc
IXLIXL covers a huge range of mathematics skills aligned with numerous national and state curricula. Exercises are targeted from preschool through to grade 8. Monthly and annual plans available.IXL Learning
Promise Learning™ - MathDeveloped by Internet Testing Systems (ITS), LLC, Promise Learning uses adaptive online testing to measure grade level competencies in mathematics. Specific strands of mathematics can be targeted to individual learner needs. The Riverside Publishing Company
mCLASS®: MathmCLASS®: Math is targeted for assessing grades K–3. The software provides screening, reporting and links to targeted intervention.Wireless Generation, Inc
MathSlice.comMathSlice.com provides access to free multiple-choice mathematics practice tests modelled on the TAKS, PASS and ISAT State Tests from the USA. The practice tests are designed for grades 3 through 5.MathSlice.com
Financial Literacy Math QuizzesAn extensive range of financial literacy quizzes incorporating money and savings concepts with the relevant arithmetic and computations. Mostly US currencies.HowToSaveMoney.me
Toy TheaterToy Theater provides free online mathematics tests and games with a variety of nice graphical interfaces. Many skill areas are covered.Toy Theater
Mysterious OperatorsThis free iPhone/iPad/iPod app requires players to insert the correct operators (+, -, ×, ÷) to complete algebraic equations. Available in English and French. Other mathematical learning and assessment games from this site cover Pythagoras' Theorem, linear graphing functions, factorisation, and more.Boss 'T' Maths
Mathematics Stickybear Software Grades K-5The Mathematics Stickybear Software Grades K-5 offers arithemtic problems and mathematical word problems couched in captivating graphics. Runs on Windows or Mac via a CD.Optimum Resource, Inc

Mathematics is a core subject in almost every school curriculum. There are numerous topics and prerequisite skills which students are expected to learn to hold them in good stead for life and further learning. In higher years of schooling students might also be expected to master skills within more complex mathematical topics such as calculus to be able to progress towards more challenging applications of mathematical knowledge. There are perhaps three different families of mathematics assessment as described in the following paragraphs.

The majority of mathematics assessments are dedicated to measuring the extent to which students have grasped the skills embedded across grade-specific learning areas such as arithmetic operations or the application of geometric rules. Many traditional multiple-choice maths tests used in state-wide assessment programs are typical examples.

Another approach to mathematics assessment involves diagnosing misconceptions. These assessments attempt to provide skill-specific feedback which educators can use to help students overcome conceptual or procedural misunderstandings.

A number of mathematics assessments focus on more general and transferable abilities such as problem-solving processes, logical reasoning and what is sometimes termed mathematical thinking. These assessments are often motivated by the idea that these skills will lead to successful participation in a 21st century information society and economy. A range of individual and collaborative problem-solving assessments can be viewed under K12 problem solving and K12 collaborative problem solving respectively.