Tools for generating worksheets, bubble answer sheets, paper-and-pencil tests, and offline computer-based tests

Name Description Publisher
abc.testabc.test is a Windows-based software enabling production, delivery and reporting of tests. It includes customisable features such as graphics and language.tores software
Adit Testdesk 2Adit Testdesk 2 is a Windows-based software for creating computer-based tests. International languages are supported, as are at least 16 different question types.Adit Testdesk
Advanced eLearning BuilderThe Advanced eLearning Builder enables development of tests, tutorials and quizzes via a graphical user interface. EduIQ
ClozeProClozePro allows teachers to create closed (fill-in-the-word) activities such as for reading comprehension. Tasks can be administered on individual computers, as printed worksheets or via a computer-based network.Crick Software Ltd
EasyTestMakerEasyTestMaker provides free online test authoring. A variety of item types are available. Alternatie test forms can be generated automatically.EasyTestMaker
MakeWorksheets.comThe Teachnology website provides a range of printable worksheet generators which include crosswords, word search, word scramble, fact sheets, and more.Teachnology
Markosoft Test CreatorMarkosoft Test Creator can be used to author tests with a variety of item types. Tests can be printed or computer-delivered using the associated Test Taker software module.Markosoft, Inc
PuzzlemakerFree web tool for creating printable word, maze and number puzzles.Discovery Education
Qedoc Quiz Maker and Qedoc Quiz PlayerQedoc provides quiz authoring tools through the Qedoc Quiz Maker interface (free for contributors willing to share their resources). Quizzes are then delivered via the free Qedoc Quiz Player. Over 1000 open education resources spanning many topics are also available.Image Intelligence Software Ltd.
Quiz Expert 1.1Quiz Expert enables authoring of multimedia quizes for Pocket PC. Supports audiovisual elements.Vitask Software
QuizinatorQuizinator is an online system for storing and organising questions, allowing tests to be constructed via drag and drop. Questions and tests can be printed from any browser. When you want to create a new exam for example, select from your question library what you want, arrange the questions with drag and drop, and save. Everything is conveniently centralized online. You can manage and print your documents and library components anytime, from any browser.Quizinator
QuizMaker Pro 2011QuizMaker Pro 2013 is a feature-rich platform for authoring, delivering and scoring tests and quizzes. The site features video
Schoolhouse Test 3Schoolhouse Test 3 is user-friendly software for authoring and printing tests. It is Windows compatible and supports various item types.Schoolhouse Technologies Inc
SunRav TestOfficeProTestOfficePro is a comprehensive test authoring and delivery system. It supports a range of item types and feedback options.SunRav Software
Test Creator Version 3.1Test Creator Version 3.1 allows educators to create paper-and-pencil test forms with four item types. Items can contain graphics and customised fonts. The software exports tests to Microsoft Word.Centron Software
UniTest SystemUniTest System allows design, administration and analysis of tests. UniTest System tests can be delivered on a single computer or over a network. Analsyis and reporting functions are supported.Sight2k Design

Tools for producing offline computer-based or paper-and-pencil tests enable educators and assessment designers to construct tests to be printed or delivered via desktop software.

There are countless offline test authoring and delivery systems, both commercially and freely available. The number of features varies greatly, with some systems built as sophisticated item banks with item design and computer-based test delivery capabilities. Others are more basic and may allow construction of simple quizzes, puzzles and tests via a graphical user interface to produce printable worksheets or bubble answer sheets for classroom assessment.