Software for online testing and quizzes

Name Description Publisher
YacapacaYacapaca is a free online assessment platform which allows teachers to create and share tests, quizzes, surveys and digital portfolios. Assessments are automatically scored and feedback provided. Assessments for a huige range of subjects from a variety of countries have been peer-rated and are available for use.Chalkface Project
WizIQThe WizIQ online education community platform features a huge range of freely accessible tests spanning many learning areas. Free online practice tests for a range of well-known and lesser-known assessments are also available. Site visitors can easily construct and contribute new tests.WizIQ Inc.
Quia WebQuia Web allows teachers to create online quizzes, assessment games, tests and surveys. Score reports are automatically produced. A huge range of shared activities are accessible for a large range of subjects.IXL Learning
ThatQuizThatQuiz provides teachers with a free system for authoring and delivering online tests. A public library of tests is also available spanning several subject areas. Teachers can create and share their test resources with other ThatQuiz users. Student scores and grades are stored for each teacher account.thatquiz
Achievement SeriesAchievement Series is a complete testing solution allowing items to be authored or accessed from published item banks, and tests to be delivered either online or in paper form. Reporting and analysis functions are also supported.Scantron
EasyTestMakerEasyTestMaker is online test generating software featuring a range of item types. Alternate test versions and answer sheets can be
AssessAssess is a complete solution for constructing and admininistering browser-based surveys, assessments or exams.The Training Registry
ASSISTmentsASSISTments is a free online formative assessment platform. Questions can be authored and assigned, and feedback and reports are produced after each assignment. The system includes automated question re-assignment rules which test for retention of knowledge and skills over time.Worcester Polytechnic Institute
ConnectConnect is a comprehensive online assessment system which integrates various student learning resources. Feedback, learning plans and progress monitoring are also supported.McGraw Hill
FastTEST WebFastTEST Web provides a user-friendly environment for the complete test (including CAT) development cycle. Secure web-based delivery is also supported.ASC, 4ROI
Adobe CaptivateeLearning authoring software enabling construction of fully featured interactive quizzes.Adobe Systems Incorporated
Skill GuruSkill Guru allows educators to create and sell practice tests for a variety of high-stakes exams. Each test author profile is shown alongside their tests, along with user ratings and test instance counts. Students can pay to access tests and connect with experts in each topic. Skill guru users can also create private quizzes.Skill - Guru
Acuity® InFormative Assessment™Acuity is a comprehensive system which integrates assessment, instruction and reporting. Acuity can be used to author items and it also integrates with external item banks. Various delivery options are supported.CTB McGraw Hill
iKodekoOnline quiz builder software and a large range of available quizzes.Quiz Builder
Examination OnlineExamination Online offers a comprehensive exam authoring, delivery and reporting platform. Item-level feedback can be provided and response time data can be recorded.Galaxy Weblinks
iGiveTestiGiveTest provides a complete solution for authoring, delivering, and analysing online or network-based assessments.Iglearn, subsiduary of Sight2k Design
Articulate Quizmaker '09Articulate Quizmaker '09 is a feature-rich software for creating SCORM or AICC-compliant Flash quizzes via a user interface. Options include question randomisation, audio-visual content integration, question branching based on previous response, and feedback provision via email or LMS.Articulate Global Inc.
eQuizzereQuizzer is a free web-based quiz program. Students and teachers can create quizzes to share online. Ready-made quizzes can be searched for by age level and subject.eQuizzer
ClassMarkerClassMarker is a customisable web-based test authoring and delivery system. Tests are automatically scored and test takers can download certificates following testing.ClassMarker Pty Ltd
BuildmytestBuildmytest is a complete solution for district level item banking, test construction, online test delivery, administration and reporting.edtech systems
BrainCogThe BrainCog online assessment system supports multiple-choice test construction via a customisable interface. It includes several options such as timed testing, question randomisation, item-level feedback, results reporting, and email reminders to test takers.BlueSix
ExamSoftExamSoft is a comprehensive solution for assessment authoring and secure delivery. Used often in high-stakes testing contexts.ExamSoft Worldwide, Inc
e-AssessOnline Silverlight-based testing system allowing test authoring and access to well-known practice tests. Features Question Bank, Quiz Creator and Quiz Zone components. Used extensively in India.TRS Forms and Services Private Limited
Google DocsGoogle Docs forms offer a way to create online quizzes. Aesthetics can be customised via a large range of themes. A range of question types are supported. All data are stored online.Google
OwnExams.comFree online quiz and test maker with group management facilities. A range of existing exams are available through the
AnswerGardenAnswerGarden is an online brainstorming and feedback tool which can be used to canvass insights and levels of understanding from groups of students on a particular topic or question.Creative Heroes
Webassessor™Webassessor™ Online Secured Testing Technology is a comprehensive solution for secure web-based assessment design and delivery. Several technologies are leveraged to address the variety of relevant test security threats.Kryterion
Moodle Quiz ModuleThe free Moodle LMS Quiz activity module supports several question types and allows quizzes to be delivered with varying degrees of item and test-level feedback and re-attempt options.Moodle
ExamproExampro offers teachers access to a bank of past GCSE and A level questions. Includes scoring instructions. Targets students from Years 10 to 13.Doublestruck
TAOTAO is an open source platform enabling the administration and delivery of multilingual computer-based tests. It is currently used by the OECD PISA study.University of Luxembourg, Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor
TooFASTTooFAST is open source software which supports online assessment questionnaires. The software also features feedback capabilities. TooFAST
ExamView® Assessment SuiteThe ExamView® Assessment Suite is a test authoring, management, delivery and reporting solution. Comes with access to an abundance of published questions. eInstruction® Corporation
Hot PotatoesHot Potatoes freeware enables creation of online assessment activities including multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises.Half-Baked Software
ExamsDirect®ExamsDirect® is a comprehensive test authoring, delivery and reporting solution.Pedagogue Solutions
Coracle QuizCoracle Quiz offer hosted online assessments using client's questions and branded to client specifications. The system provides instant feedback and branded PDF certificates via email.Coracle Online Ltd.
QtopiaQtopia is a free online assessment system featuring graphical avatar characters, games, and pre-made or customisable graded homework activities. Progress reporting and a teacher-parent-student notification and messaging facilities are also supported.Qwizdom, Inc.
OWL Testing SoftwareOWL Testing Software is a feature-rich online testing solution for authoring and delivering multi-media based assessments over the web. Supports multiple languages and audio tasks. Also includes tools for rating performances using rubrics, and tools for feedback reporting.OWL Testing Software
eWebTest 2011Feature-rich online assessment and quiz authoring and delivery system. Includes online sharing and various import/export options.SmartLite Software
E-SESS™E-SESS™ is an online item banking and testing system which supports immediate feedback and a range of reporting options.Technological Fluency Institute
eReviewBookeReviewBook lets you create, manage and share questions in many different formats. The program also allows you to print out your exams in multiple formats, including one for assessment.BrainMaitriX, Inc.
eNetAssesseNetAssess is a summative and formative assessment tool for secure web-based assessment authoring and delivery. Features repeat-testing functionality.eCom Scotland LTD
iSpring QuizMakeriSpring QuizMaker enables creation of SCORM compliant Flash quizzes. A large range of authoring, delivery and scoring options are available.iSpring
KubbuKubbu allows teachers to create online games, quizzes, crosswords and randomised tests. Activities can be shared with other teachers. Email, progress tracking and data export functions are also supported.Soft Glow
RapidExam™RapidExam™ is a SCORM and IMS QTI-compliant exam authoring and delivery solution. Supports a range of question types and testing modes. Integrates with Microsoft SharePoint.XStream Software
Instancy Assessment and Exam Preparation System Instancy Online Assessment and Exam Preparation System enables you to create a repository of online assessments and exam preparation content using web browser-based authoring tools and templates. You can choose from many different skins and question types and create Flash or HTML based assessments, surveys and exam preparation materials for Web and Mobile delivery. Built-in administrative tools can be used to track and report user enrollment, assignments and progress/scores. Built-in e-commerce tools can be used to process payments as an option. Instancy, Inc.
flexTestflexTest is a comprehensive online quiz and test creation and administration solution. Reporting and progress monitoring functions are included. Multiple question types are supported.PLATO® Learning, Inc.
QuizSnackQuizSnack is a free online tool enabling construction of quizzes with customisable appearance. The quizzes can be embedded in web pages and the securely stored data can be exported as CSV.Smartketer LLC
Validate provides tools for authoring questions in several static, visual and interactive formats via a wizard. Training documents can be uploaded and e-portfolios are also
NaikuThe Naiku Platform is a comprehensive web-based assessment system. It supports item authoring, test construction, test scheduling and delivery, and student reporting and feedback. Tests can be administered via a computer or mobile interface.Naiku, Inc.
Internet Testing Systems (ITS)The ITS software suite provides item banking and test delivery options. Scoring and reporting features are also available.Internet Testing Systems
Questionmark™ Perception™Questionmark™ Perception™ is a comprehensive and feature-rich solution for item and test authoring, scheduling, delivery and reporting.Questionmark
Respondus 4.0Respondus software supports examination authoring and delivery. Delivery formats include paper-and-pencil or a variety of e-Learning platforms.Respondus, Inc
onlinetestplusonlinetestplus is a fully featured commercial online test authoring and delivery software. Several item types including multimedia are supported and can be constructed via a WYSIWYG interface. A host of test delivery options like testing time, question randomisation, marking schemes, and score reporting can all be customised too.BIS Software Development Services Private Limited, India
ReallyManaging AssessmentReallyManaging Assessment enables you to create, manage and deploy tests, quizzes, questionnaires and learning materials on web, mobile and tablet, for use online and offline.MyKnowledgeMap will host user-created MCQ and open-ended questions online. Results can be viewed online, downloaded or emailed as
AvancertAvancert can be used to author and deliver video-based assessment tasks plus other conventional item types. Responses to video assessment tasks can be captured via client web cam. Also embeds payment handling and candidate management functionality.Avancert Limited
Zoho Challenge Test MakerDetails to follow...ZOHO Corp
Yardstick MeasureYardstick Measure’s online exam builder allows you to create secure, branded, internet delivered exams. The software also facilitates certificate generation. Yardstick Software
Hosted Test™Hosted Test™ is a comprehensive online test authoring, delivery and management platform. A variety of item types and testing options are available. Invitations, grade books and feedback are all supported.Hostedware Corporation
TCExam : Free Computer-Based Assessment SoftwareTCExam is a comprehensive assessment authoring and online delivery solution. It additionally supports multiple languages, reporting and numerous data export s.r.l.
SpeedExamDetails to follow...IG Systems
Test GeneratorTest Generator offers a suite of test authoring, delivery and reporting modules. Both online and offline testing are supported. Numerous import and export functions are supported. Fain & Company
Innovative Exams Testing KioskSelf-service testing kiosk. Allows the delivery of high-stake exams in non-traditional testing center environments such as corporate offices, schools, libraries, etc.Innovative Exams, LLC.
Wizard Test Maker OnlineWizard Test Maker Online is a feature-rich online test development solution. A large bank of existing items across a range of subjects is available, or new items can be constructed. Test delivery and test-taker management are then possible with the associated Test Wizard product.eduware
WebTestWebTest is an internet-based assessment delivery solution.Chariot Software Group
OnTracBased in India, OnTrac is a comprehensive testing solution, including authoring, scoring and reporting. Three delivery modes are available.MeritTrac
ExamProIOS.comMobile quiz software for multiple-choice testing with iPad, iPhone and iPod devices. A growing bank or user-submitted questions and exams can be shared for efficient authoring.Belmont Informatics Group (BIG)
TestNavTestNav is a comprehensive online testing solution which includes customisable interface options, supports multiple item types, provides instant feedback, and provides a tutorial to familiarise students with the testing process. Designed to be tolerant to brief network outages.Pearson Education, Inc.
ExamChallengerDetails to follow...Redigon Software Solution
Test BuilderTest Builder integrates with the Evolve LMS. It supports a range of question types in addition to options such as question pooling and randomisation.Evolve e-Learning Solutions
QuizStarQuizStar makes it possible to create online quizes which include multimedia question content, span several languages, and allow students to review their performance.The University of Kansas
QuizPointQuizPoint is a graphically engaging online quiz engine, which also supports offline quiz development. Featured options include leaderboards and instant feedback. LearningWare
SARAS Assessment Management System (AMS)Part of the SARAS Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), the AMS enables authoring and scheduling of online assessments. 26 item types are supported and the system is IMS compliant.Excelsoft
Rapid IntakeeLearning software for authoring and delivering SCORM Flash and HTML5 format content.Rapid Intake Inc.
FADS (Formative Assessment Delivery System)FADS allows educators to author and deliver formative assessments. The system additionally provides progress monitoring and reporting and feedback tools.BEAR Center
Fifty SneakersFifty Sneakers is a secure, easy-to-use, online application for teachers, instructors, and homeschoolers. With this online toolkit, you can quickly build engaging documents and online tests from your library with easy placement and formatting.DevShop, LLC
Macmillan Test MakerDetails to follow...Macmillan Education Group
Random Test Generator-PROTest bank and delivery software which runs on Microsoft Windows. Supports online and offline testing. Can integrate audio and visual question stimuli.Hirtle Software
TestWizTestWiz enables construction of multiple online assessments. Access to ETS item banks is available or custom items and tests may be used. The software allows instructional interventions to be tracked in conjunction with longitudinal performance data to provide information about the effectiveness of instruction.dataMetrics Software, Inc
SporcleSporcle allows the creation of online quizes which can be shared with friends via social networks and email. Sporcle quiz creation is free.Sporcle, Inc
Testcraft 7Testcraft is an online platform for test, exam and survey authoring and delivery. It also includes support for multiple languages, email invitations, LMS integration, and analysis and reporting functionality.Ingenious Group, Inc.
Planet SSIPlanet SSI is a comprehensive online assessment system featuring a range of test delivery options. Accounts and access to relevant modules can be created for students, educators, and administrators.Software Secure
Wondershare QuizCreatorWondershare QuizCreator makes Flash-based assessment tasks for online or computer-based quiz creation. Multimedia can be integrated into tasks and results can be tracked using associated software modules.Wondershare Software Co
Quiz-BuddyQuiz-Buddy allows you to create quizzes or select from a range of pre-loaded quizzes across many learning areas. Several item types are supported, and tests can be taken on a Windows operating system or Palm operating system, or printed. Includes customisable graphics and sounds.Sierra Vista Software
Vantage Learning Platform™ (VLP™)The Vantage Learning Platform™ (VLP™) is the technology underpinning Vantage Learning's Uniform Online Testing System™ (UOTS™) and Student Progress Monitoring System™ (SPMS™). These solutions support large user groups undertaking internet-based or offline paper-and-pencil assessment of various subjects and provide reporting capabilities.Vantage Learning
Test CentreGuardian's Teacher Network resources includes a test authoring and delivery system. A huge bank of questions is available across a range of subjects, targeting ages 11-18. Reports can be produced for individuals and groups. Tests can be saved and printed if required.Guardian News and Media Limited
SchoolBrains TPASchoolBrains is a web-based testing system which can be used to author online or printable tests. A standards-aligned item bank is accessible. Includes performance tracking functionality. SchoolBrains
SkillmeterSkillmeter is a cloud-based testing platform with a range of features spanning test authoring, administration and results processing via email. A range of item types are supported and tests can be timed or untimed. Branding is also configurable.Skillmeter
MentorMentor is a comprehensive course management system that supports a range of assessment and portfolio options.Axiom Education LLC.
WebQuiz XPWebQuiz XP enables creation of HTML questionnaires, quizzes and tests, which can be published in offline or online mode. Question authoring is available through a graphical interface and the four supported question types can embed pictures, equations and comments. Score reporting and feedback are also built in.SmartLite Software
Test Pro DeveloperFeature-rich Windows software for test authoring. Supports online and offline delivery of practice, simulation and flash card tests.Atrixware
Galileo K-12 OnlineGalileo K-12 Online from Assessment Technology Incorporated is a fully integrated, research-based Instructional Improvement System, providing next generation comprehensive assessment and instructional tools. State standards are built in and ready for use, as are Common Core State Standards. Galileo K-12 Online management tools assist educators in establishing instructional goals reflecting the district’s curriculum, assessing goal attainment, forecasting standards mastery on statewide tests, and using assessment information to guide classroom instruction, enrichment, and reteaching interventions.Assessment Technology Incorporated
QuizRevolutionQuizRevolution makes it possible to produce and embed online quizzes in blogs and websites. Quizzes can be branded and can embed multimedia. Analytics such as scoreboards and quiz user statistics are also supported.QuizRevolution
QuibbloDetails to follow...Pangea Media
QuizFaberQuizFaber enables authoring and delivery of computer-based and online tests. The software supports several item types and accommodates multimedia. Provision of feedback is also possible in the form of scores and written statements. Luca Galli
QualtricsQualtrics survey software is feature-rich and boasts customisable aesthetics, item formats, item feedback, reporting, logic and sharing functions.Qualtrics, Inc.
SunRav TestOfficePro.WEBTestOfficePro.WEB is a comprehensive online test authoring and delivery system. MySQL database integration is available in addition to a range of language options. Free evaluation version available.SunRav Software
SurveyGizmoSurveyGizmo is online survey design and delivery software supporting a huge number of questioon types. Free and paid plans are available. Supports a variety of reporting and branching options.Widgix, LLC.
iiEFSiiEFS - Integrated Item, Examination & Feedback System is a Rich Internet Application and allows a simple and systematic administration of items and exams, an online examination, an automated and manual analysis of the tests as well as an automated online-feedback.zoe solutions
TestAssemblerTestAssembler automates the task of test construction with classical test theory (CTT) or item response theory (IRT).ASC
scoris deliveryscoris delivery supports internet or LAN test delivery.RM Education
TeacherSitesTeacherSites provides puzzle, word search and quiz maker tools as part of its teacher web tools platform.Edline
Potknox.comPotknox is an online assessment platform targeting the IT industry. This platform allows recruiters/companies to conduct programming tests along with regular MCQs. Currently it supports all major languages like Java, C++, C#, Python, PHP, Ruby, .Net etc. Candidates write programs, debug and compile within the test platform environment. Pre-existing tests are available.Potknox
WIRIS quizzes pluginA mathematics question editor which integrates with the Moodle LMS. Maths for more

Online testing provides the convenience of remote accessibility for educators, assessment designers and test takers. Online testing software can also provide assessment designers with access to computer-based item types and valuable time-savings from automated scoring and feedback provision.

There are countless online test authoring and delivery systems, both commercially and freely available. Typically these systems support item design, test assembly and test delivery with varying numbers of options relating to aesthetics and the control of how, when and which items are presented to test takers. Some systems additionally provide built in feedback and reporting functionality. The range of available solutions in this area is growing at a phenomenal rate. Search and see for yourself. There are currently over 100 online assessment tools listed on this page.