Rubrics and rubric makers

Name Description Publisher
Creating a Rubric: TutorialThis tutorial provides a step by step guide to constructing rubrics for grading and evaluating student work, including performance tasks. A variety of examples of rubrics for evaluating written and oral work are also provided.University of South Florida
eRubric Assistant (free) – rubric generatoreRubric Assistant is a free rubric generator which works on Windows and Macintosh computers. There is a demonstration at the eMarkingAssistant website. This tool automates the majority of rubric construction via an interactive interface in Word. Criteria are presented in rows and standards or performance levels for each criterion are presented in columns. A toolbar allows the user to show and edit the scores awarded to a given piece of work by highlighting the attained cells within the rubric.Dr Peter Evans
ForAllRubricsForAllRubrics allows teachers to produce, access and share rubrics online. The system can be accessed via web and mobile devices including iPad. Real-time analyses showing item and class performance are also available. Forall Systems, Inc.
Guide to Scoring RubricsA great teacher resource outlining the characteristics of different kinds of rubrics with examples, including strengths and weaknesses. Also includes a listing of rubric-related resources, much like this page does.Open Colleges
Instant Teacher Tools Rubric MakerRubric Maker allows educators to create rubrics for K-12 subjects. A variety of formats are available.Teachnology, Inc.
iSocratesiSocrates allows educators to create rubrics, provide feedback comments, and evaluate student performance. The software can also assign scores and produce rubric-based reports. iSocrates
Quality Rubrics ResourcesThis wiki provides links to research on rubrics and examples of rubrics.LCI (learner Centered Initiatives)
rGrade™rGrade™ is an electronic performance assessment system. It supports digital portfolios, rubric development, grading and assessment, and progress mapping.Educational Informatics
RubiStarRubistar is a free tool which allows educators to create rubrics for assessment tasks. Rubrics can be accessed and edited online.ALTEC at University of Kansas
Rubric MachineRubric Machine facilitates online rubric construction and allows rubrics to be saved, edited and printed as required. Rubric Machine comes with resources and tips to aid the rubric construction process.ThinkingGear
Rubric TemplateA printable template for composing a basic rubric for any assessment task. The template can be freely downloaded.Nancy Pickett and Bernie Dodge
Rubrics (Authentic Assessment Toolbox)These pages provide information about the features of rubrics and also offer clear step by step advice on how to create a rubric. Links to a huge range of examples of rubrics are provided, spanning many learning areas.Jon Mueller
Rubrics for TeachersRubrics for Teachers is a huge compilation of ready-made rubrics for a range of subject®
RubrixRubrix allows construction of rubrics for any subject. The web-based rubrics and observation data automatically sync with various portable devices. Results reporting is also supported.Discovery Software Ltd

Rubrics can play an important role in linking performances on educational assessments to specific skills and prescribed learning outcomes.

The proliferation of rubrics as a tool for grading and providing feedback on assessments is evidenced in their growing availability online and in their inclusion in contemporary teacher training and professional development courses. The growing range of rubric makers on the internet is another sign of their acceptance and utility. Good rubrics provide a clear description of assessment expectations which can benefit both the person undertaking the assessment, and increase objectivity for the person responsible for grading it. Rubrics provide descriptions of various levels of performance against observable criteria. These criteria are usually expressed in language that is accessible to the various assessment stakeholders. Further, it is often the case that rubrics and their criteria are discussed by both those being assessed and those administering the assessment in advance of the assessment process. Herein rubrics can help to make for a transparent assessment process for all involved.

A variety of rubrics for mainstream subjects are already available. Alternatively, software for building custom rubrics is also available, both freely or commercially. Search and see for yourself.